EPL Review: Arsenal 1-2 Manchester United (Wenger is finished…)


Another weekend. Another big team. Another loss. That’s the moral of the story for each and every Arsenal fan since 2005. But, now things are worse than ever before because we couldn’t even beat the poorest Manchester United team in years. We should have beaten them last year under Moyes, we didn’t and now we haven’t beaten them under van Gaal who is a great manager but was struggling to get wins under his belt. Manchester United got their first away win of the season against us and that’s saying something. Out of all the places that they have visited till now, they could only beat us so what does that say something about us? Mr. Arsene Wenger should stop living in the past glory and adapt to today’s climate as soon as possible because I am 100% sure now that we won’t beat any of the big sides under him anymore. We should have accepted that a long time ago but it has now reached it’s boiling point and it’s totally unacceptable.

Some fans will say that we were better in the first half but could’t take our chances and that’s where the problem lies. We have seen performances like this from us for a very long time now that I can easily predict the outcome of the match. It doesn’t matter if you were better in the 1st half or in the 2nd half, it’s a game of two halves my friends and Arsenal Football Club doesn’t know how to keep their focus throughout the whole 90 minutes and our players are not just good enough to beat any big teams not to mention the big trophies. They are simply just not good enough. Gibbs scored an own goal through a wicked deflection to give them the lead and then Wayne Rooney put the Red Devils on winning position with a superb counter attacking goal. Although, Olivier Giroud scored a brilliant left footed goal on his return game, it was too late to salvage anything from the match.


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  1. the main thing with arsenal is that they have been always following the same philosophy of passing game and they don’t understand that for that type of game they should have a world class striker, which they don’t have. even for any big games arsene wenger will follow the same approach ,so its all expected what kind of game arsenal is going to play and there really makes them vulnerable . even being an manchester united fan i have a huge respect for wenger . he is good at developing players ,scouting young talents ,playing a classy football,But at the end of seasons .the only thing that fans car about is trophy and the positives u can take form a season.He is a great manager but stills he need to learn in the tactician perspective from the likes of SAF & mourinho because the only thing they care about is winning 3 points from the big matches & u can show your class with other small teams.and also arsenal & their fan has taken one thing for granted that no matter wat wenger does ,he won’t be sacked.

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