UCL Play-off Review: Fenerbahce 0-3 Arsenal (That’s more like it)


After all the doom and gloom, blaming him, blaming her, bitching about this and that guy, the Gunners have stabled the ship as they put on a brilliant display to convincingly beat the Turkish giants Fenerbahce 3-0 at their own ground. 

After last Saturday’s horrible league opening match defeat to Aston Villa, Arsenal Football Club came under a lot of criticism by the media as well as by its own fans but the players showed great spirit and character to play their hearts out and answer their critics by putting up a great performance on the football pitch which they did throughout the 90 minutes. Nobody saw it coming including myself. We actually controlled the whole game from the start to the finish. We created a lot of chances in the first half but the final ball was missing. We rectified that problem in the second half and took advantage of every single opportunity that came our way. Gibbs opened the scoring when he finished Walcott’s calm and collective pass from the right then the ever increasing confidence of one Aaron Ramsey got even more confidence boost when he scored a superb right footed goal from outside the penalty area. And then the hot scoring streak of Olivier Giroud continued as he calmly finished a penalty which was awarded to us in the 77th minute when Walcott was brought down inside the box by a Fenerbahce defender. Those 3 away goals meant a lot to Arsenal especially after Saturday’s defeat as those 3 goals should be enough to give us a group stage entry into the UEFA Champions League. But, there’s still another leg left in this tie so unless Fenerbahce can pull of the miracle of miracles, Arsenal’s place in this season’s Champions League group stage draw is all but confirmed. 

That win stables the ship and if the guys finish the job next week, then the board will also be awarded with another 30 million pounds to add to their already huge cash reserve which can prove vital in order for Arsene Wenger to bring in a few quality players before the transfer window closes on September the 2nd. 


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