EPL Preview: Arsenal vs. Aston Villa (Let the games begin)


Yes folks, the brand new Premier League season is back. After 3 months of absolute nightmare in our transfer business, at least we can now divert our minds and focus on on the game itself rather than waiting for things to happen in the summer transfer window.


It has been well documented about how we just managed to squeeze into that top 4 spot which by many experts was important in order for us to attract top stars but I am now writing this blog post on the eve of the new season and still we are waiting to see a proper new face at Arsenal Football Club. Yes, we have bought Yaya Sonogo on a free transfer but that will not solve our problems. Not only that we haven’t signed any quality players yet but we are also cleaning up our team by selling all the deadwood’s such as Squillaci, Chamakh, Denilson etc. etc. which is a good thing but that has made our squad paper thin. Now, we don’t even have a proper squad to last an entire season. I don’t know what’s going on in the mind of Arsene Wenger. What is he trying to achieve?


Anyways, back to football now, we will start this new campaign at home against Aston Villa who battled most of last season not to get relegated but were eventually successful to survive another season. As it’s a home game, even though we don’t have a proper squad yet but as fans we expect us to get the 3 points. We haven’t won our opening fixtures of the Premier League since last couple of years so its vital that we at least start the season on a winning note.





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